Seminaries and Priestly Formation in Bukoba Diocese


Bukoba Diocese has one minor seminary - Rutabo Seminary (Std VI to Std VII), one junior seminary – Rubya Seminary (Secondary School: From I to IV), Kemondo Formation Centre and one National Seminary – Ntungamo Major Seminary (Philosophy).

Diocesan Seminaries

1. Rutabo Seminary

Rutabo preparatory seminary receives pupils after Standard five and gives them intense preparation for two years, STD VI and VII before they join Rubya seminary for secondary school studies: Form I to Form VI. It gives a solid academic and spiritual preparation to the young seminarians. Read more.

2. Rubya Seminary

Rubya Seminary is at the Secondary Education Level. As part of priestly formation Rubya Seminary teaches standard secondary school subjects outlined by the National Syllabus.


In particular offers Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Basic Mathematics, Geography, Computer, History, English language, Civics, Kiswahili Language, Bible knowledge, Religion and Latin Language at ordinary level. At the advanced level the seminary offers the following subject combinations: PGM, HGK, PCB and PCM (B=Biology, C= Chemistry, G= Geography, H=History, M= Mathematics and P= Physics). Read more.

3. Kemondo Formation House

Kemondo Formation House is a Seminary in Bukoba Diocese for the Spiritual Year level. Here seminarians from Rubya junior seminary and from other seminaries and secondary schools are grounded in spiritual life and human skills as a preparation for Philosophical and Theological formation in major seminaries.

When the Regional Board of seminaries introduced a fromation year for students after their secondary school and before they join the major seminary, Bishop Timanywa (by then, the Bishop of Bukoba) adopted the former Franciscan convent at Kemondo near the port at lake Victoria for the formation house. Rev. Fr. Vedastus Rugaijamu a former rector of Segerea major Seminary was appointed the first formator.

National Seminary

Ntungamo Major Seminary

Ntungamo seminary is a national-regional seminary for Philosophy situated in Bukoba Diocese. The first major seminary in Bukoba was in 1909 at Rubya just next to the junior seminary. The first major seminarians form Rubya major seminary were ordained priests in 1917. In 1929 the major seminary was closed and the fratres (major seminarians) were sent to Kipalapala but in 1932 they were sent to Katigondo Uganda.

In 1964 Laurean Cardinal Rugambwa opened Ntungamo major seminary next to his residence at Ntungamo to cater for Bukoba and Rulenge dioceses. Later he offered to be a national seminary to server the whole of Tanzania. In 1967 the three major seminaries in Northern and Western Tanzania were combined into one regional seminary with three stations, Ntungamo in Bukoba and Kibosho in Moshi for philosophy and Kipalapala in Tabora for theology. Later in 1983 Segerea seminary was built in Dar es Salaam by His Eminence Laurean Cardinal Rugambwa for theology. To-day Ntungamo seminary is a national-regional seminary for Philosophy.